Past Lives

The Saint Louis Literary Consortium came into existence a few years ago as an LLC, and last year in 2015 we attained nonprofit status. We decided that the best way to solidify ourselves as a group was to rally behind a common cause. Thus, the literary festival Lit in the Lou was born. We had our first festival in 2014 and, as a debut festival, it was a big success! Then in 2015, because we were looking forward to an election year, we decided to have a political themed festival. Now plans for our third annual festival are underway. It will have programming for both children and YA audiences during the day, and then at night there will be a literary pub crawl  featuring local authors! Keep an eye out for more information about Lit in the Lou 2016! Subscribe to our email list to make sure you don’t miss a thing>> Subscribe!

SLLC logo 2016

Past Sponsors:


Many Thanks to Our Donors, Sponsors, Partners, and Vendors:

University City Public Library St. Louis Publishers Association

Llywelyn’s Pub

Cicero’s Restaurant

Municipal Library Consortium

Ken and Nancy  Kranzberg

December Magazine

Amphora  Publishing  Group

With Love, Catering

Urban Chestnut  Brewing Company

Missouri Arts Counci

St. Louis Regional  Arts Commission

University City School District

St. Louis Independent Bookstore Alliance

Arts & Letters  Commission of U. City

Jeanne Wilson

Architrave Press

Jeanne and Eric Olson

Anonymous Donors

Here is a link to our old website:



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