Gift Giving Begins as the Year Ends

Dear Friend of Literary things

It IS that time again…! Now comes the holiday preparations that are all-consuming as we count off the days ‘til we can open gifts and of course, give gifts. May your celebrations be particularly bright this year.

Tis also the season of the “annual year-end appeal”.

No sighs please.  We did not “appeal” to you in the early fall.

As we look back over the year, at the good, the not-so-wonderful and at times, the downright poorly, we take stock of how we have done.  Thanks to many of our friends, we are surviving this Dickensian financial drought that many nonprofits find themselves in (… or is it just the literary nonprofits?)

“Lastly, your ear should be planted firmly on the ground to discern what train may be hurtling toward you. As leaders build their 2018 budgets, they should also assess the risk associated with their revenue streams. This is particularly true for government funding.     Gayle Nelson and Ruth McCambridge in NonProfit Quarterly

YOU already KNOW the importance of readers, writers, and the arithmetic of book sellers and publishers; the past, present, and future dispensers of our literary world; from teaching “reading and writing” to writing books about critical issues, beauty, justice, and hope… and all in between. So very important is this work, that I wish we could say that we haven’t the words….


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